Square D Model 6 Motor Control Centers

WE is the Square D MCC QUICK SHIP facility for the Gulf Coast region meaning that we have a large inventory of Model 6 MCC in stock and can customize and deliver complete MCC lineups or replacement buckets within hours.

In addition to the QUICK SHIP abilities, WE can add surge protection and UPS protection to eliminate spike and surges on your critical loads. If size is an issue, WE can design a MMCC (Modular Motor Control Center) in the space you have available and in any enclosure type needed. WE can also add options such as HVAC and specialized labeling in multiple languages for worldwide acceptance.

Products stocked at WE:

  • Model 6 Feeder Buckets- 15AMP to 250Amp, Compac 6 and standard height available
  • Model 6 Starter Buckets- Size 1 to 4 (2HP to 100HP) combination starter buckets with motor circuit protectors, Compac 6 and standard heights available
  • Model 6 Blank Cover Plates- 3” to 36”
  • Model 5 and Model 6 shelves available
  • 15” and 20” MCC Sections available
  • Selector Switches, Pushbuttons, and pilot lights in stock to allow for quick modification and shipment
  • Misc. MCC hardware

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